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Mom’s School of Music Undergoes Major Expansion & Name Change

Renewal. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Much like a renaissance, a Jeffersonville, IN music school and store is renewing how it does business with a name change and major expansion.

Mom’s School of Music in Jeffersonville has changed its name to Maxwell’s House of Music. The “Mom’s” brand has been a part of this community and the Maxwell family for decades. Mark Maxwell, owner of Maxwell’s House of Music says, “When I bought this Jeffersonville store from my family, it was important to me to maintain the same service and experience for our students and customers that the Mom’s brand has always offered. There are 3 great music businesses all in one family…Mom’s Music is in Louisville and owned by Marvin and Beverly Maxwell; System Max AV in Jeffersonville is owned by Max Maxwell; and my business, Maxwell’s House of Music in Jeffersonville. Keeping the Maxwell name in the business may be a little nostalgic on my part, but very important to me. I’m proud to keep moving down the path my family paved in our local music scene!”

The complete renewal of the Jeffersonville music store included adding 3500 square feet to the showroom. “I sat down with my unbelievable team and talked through what our customers want and need. It was clear that our customers want to have high quality options…and they want to be educated about available products that meet their needs, musically and financially,” says Maxwell.
Maxwell continues, “Shopping for a musical instrument or gear isn’t just a black and white decision. Music makes us FEEL.  Think about it -- you have favorite songs that make you happy, or sad, or whatever… music evokes feelings! People are equally as passionate about their buying decisions.  We wanted to be able to take our customers to the environment where they make music so they can FEEL the experience. So we built an entirely new shopping experience… a truly interactive, staged set – like a Hollywood movie set! The design theme we used is “Where do you play music?”

The newly expanded showroom is an interactive set that includes all the places where a musician plays – a performance stage, a garage, a basement and bedroom practice area, a home office, a living room, a campsite, an acoustic coffee house setting, and even a bathroom that is “all about the bass”! “We have essentially created a giant playground for musicians to come experience playing music in their environment of choice…a house of music…Maxwell’s House of Music!” says Maxwell.

He adds, “Of course, none of this would have been possible without the help of New Washington State Bank. I presented our vision to them and they worked out a business loan that I could actually live with. It’s a great feeling to believe your bank really does want to help you reach your goals!.”

The expansion of the existing location at 1710 E. Spring Street, Jeffersonville, IN also includes adding four new private music lesson studios, now totaling 15 studios. There is also a new guitar repair workshop with specially trained guitar technicians. Maxwell’s House of Music will be holding their grand re-opening on Monday, November 23, 2015.

Maxwell concludes, “The fact that we now have more private studios available, along with our new interactive music experience area, I feel we not only offer the community incredible music education opportunities, but also a uniquely amazing music experience unlike any other.  At the end of the day, I am a music advocate: I just want everyone to enjoy the benefits of having music in their lives!”

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