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Customers can now sign up to get their checking and savings statements through their online banking. The statements will open with Adobe Reader so that the statements can be printed or saved.

Advantages of Online Statements

  • Statements cannot get lost in the mail or stolen from the mailbox
  • Retrieve statements as soon as they are available, no mail delay
  • Customers receive e-mail alerts when the statements are available
  • Retrieve the statements from any location where there is internet access

Reminders to those who sign up

  • After signing up for online statements you will no longer receive the paper statements.
  • The online banking will hold three statements available for you on any account. When the fourth statement arrives the oldest one will no longer be available so you will need to print or save the statement to your computer before the oldest statement drops off.

Sign up today

To sign up for online statements log into your online banking and select the "Additional Services" tab on the navigation bar. Then you will find the "Online Statements" page in the dropdown. Select any of your accounts, click "Enter" and you will be presented with an application form. Fill out the form and submit it. When your next statement comes out you will be able to see it online.


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