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Q: How do I sign up for online banking?
A: To sign up for online banking, select "Register" from the "More Information" menu in the login area on the home page.

Q: Is the web site safe?
A: Yes, the log-in screen and account access pages are protected by 128 bit encryption.

Q: Can I transfer money between accounts?
A: Yes; the default maximum transfer limit is set at $2,000.00; however, you can have the transfer limit set higher or lower based on your needs. To change the transfer limit please call 812-284-9264 and ask a member of the online banking department to change it for you.

Q: Who do I contact about Internet Banking?
A: The contact number is 812-284-9264

Q: Is there a fee for bill pay?
A: No, if you pay at least two bills each month.  For any month where less than two bills are paid there will be a charge of $5.95 for that month.

Q: How can I add an account I just opened to my online banking?
A: Contact any branch and have them forward your request or directly contact the internet department in Jeffersonville at 812-284-9264.

Q: I don't see the lock at the bottom of the screen. How do I know this website is secure?
A: If the URL (web address) starts with "https://" then it is a secure page.

Q: What happens if I can't remember my user name and password?
A: Contact us at the Jeffersonville branch and ask for assistance from a member of the online banking department.

Q: How does bill payment work?
A: To help you understand the process, we have provided a diagram.

Q: Can I use electronic bill payment with all my accounts?
A: No, only checking accounts can be used for bill payment purposes.

Q: Who can be paid using the bill payment system?
A: Anyone in the 50 United States and territories who can accept a check can be paid using the bill payment system. You can pay practically anyone- charge accounts, utilities, auto loans, professionals, even a lawn service or a relative. However, tax payments (such as federal, state and local) and court directed payments (such as alimony and child support) cannot be processed through our online bill payment system.

Q: How do I place a 'stop payment' on a bill payment?
A: A payment may be edited or deleted anytime before the "process date." Payments that have been remitted electronically cannot be stopped.